All of Attleboro to Get Involved on Hike Attleboro Day!

The entire City of Attleboro is set to get involved when the Hike Attleboro program has its official grand opening celebration on July 17th! Local businesses, city agencies, conservation-focused and other organizations and, of course, hikers from around the area will mark a turning point in a collaborative effort by Attleboro’s three major open space landowners to promote Attleboro as a green city open to outdoor enthusiasts. The Attleboro Land Trust will be hosting the start of the event at Richardson Preserve beginning at 9am and hikers will be urged to fan out amongst eleven Hike Attleboro locations owned by the Land Trust, the City of Attleboro, and the Massachusetts Audubon Society and suitable for hiking as part of the Hike Attleboro network.

Local businesses that offer refreshments and nature-oriented products are ready to welcome hikers in the Park Street area, nearby Oak Hill Avenue and Downtown Attleboro. How would you like to sample some delicious Bliss Dairy Ice Cream? The Park Street located summer refuge will offer free gift certificates to those who visit the Richardson Preserve. Seven Arrows Farm and Evergreen Nursery on Oak Hill Avenue are also sponsoring as well as the Brigg’s Corner Store, Liston Portables, Citiworks Fencing and Pleasant Printing. You can also visit the other five reserves located in the Park Street area: Audubon’s Oak Knoll and Attleboro Springs, the Land Trust’s Colman Preserve and Vaughan Preserve, and the City’s Handy Street Conservation Area.

The highlight of Hike Attleboro Day should be a hiker’s exploration dream tour: the Selfie Scavenger Hunt! Find the “Points of Interest” from all the properties featured in hand-out brochures and online, take selfies in and win a contest for the most selfies taken. With eighteen “Points of Interest” to choose from spread around the Hike Attleboro network, this event could keep you and your family and friend occupied not only on July 17th, nut throughout the summer!

Local conservation, nature-oriented and historical organizations within Attleboro will be on display at tables in the Glen at Richardson Preserve. These will include the Attleboro Land Trust, the Massachusetts Audubon Society, the Attleboro Historic Preservation Society, the Friends of the Ten Mile River and Bucklin Brook, the Attleboro Garden Club as well as other groups. Mayor Paul Heroux and other dignitaries will be speaking at Richardson at 10:30 AM to highlight the wonders of Attleboro that are being featured now and into the future as Attleboro develops as a green-friendly city. For those who cannot attend in person, the talks will be live-streamed thanks to the live-streaming services of Stanetsky Memorial Chapel in Canton.

We hope you will join us and share in some spirited summertime hiking at the numerous trail systems Attleboro has to offer on July 17th and all summer long. Do not forget to show your support by purchasing a brilliant green Hike Attleboro T-Shirt at the event!!!

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